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Products and Services


EarthWize Specialised Oil Solutions

EarthWize Environmental Group offers a range of industry services, from soil and ground water remediation to Bunker services. We are experienced in a number of ports around the globe. Contact us directly for more.

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Petroleum Product Trading

With EarthWize Environmental Group Refineries a Subsidiary of EarthWize, we have a strong foothold in the fuel-oil recovery and processing industry. With our network we are involved in the international trade of petroleum products.

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Environmental Products

The recent acquisition of EarthWise environmental products has seen us expand its product offering to include a range of Bio-remediation products that compliment the our existing range of environmental cleaning products.

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Vibac 70% Alcohol based Sanitizer

Vibac Gel 70% Alcohol based sanitizer
Vibac Liquid 70% Alcohol based sanitizer

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Earthwize Projects

With Africa being one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, there are amazing and exciting opportunities on this beautiful continent. We like to see ourselves as the
solutions partner in business development to international companies entering Africa
and bring opportunities in Africa to the rest of the world.

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At Earthwize we focus on improving the environment through all points of contact. We have Products and Services that are specifically aimed at remediation, minimising the impacts of industry.

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