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Oil Recovery and Disposal Solutions

Our Oil Recovery and Disposal division includes Sludge Recovery Solutions(SRS), Tank Cleaning, Soil Remediation, Oil Pollution Control (OPC) and Oil Processing. Scroll down for more information.


Sludge Recovery Solutions

EarthWize is the global partner of choice for providing cost-effective, long-term solutions for the treatment of sludge ponds. EarthWize designs, manufactures and operates both mobile and fixed product recovery and separation, chemical fixation and thermal treatment systems. Our highly trained teams have successfully recovered product, and managed and rehabilitated waste sites for Shell, BP Oil, Vopak, Petromoc, Total, Sasol, Engen (PETRONAS) and other industrial clients worldwide. EarthWize Environmental Group provides a full range of environmental and industrial services through our various affiliates and operating companies. We have provided services for many of the nation’s largest petroleum, utility, and petrochemical companies. Our comprehensive sludge recovery solutions integrate our state-of-the art environmental technology & products.

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Tank Cleaning

Storage space is valuable, as is the product being stored. This is the thinking that inspired Earthwize’s unique approach to tank cleaning, which benefits the customer in both of these aspects. Through specialised technology, EarthWize Environmental Group has the ability to recover the sludge, or product previously considered nothing more than waste, and turn it into financial gain for the customer. Our unique environmental cleaning products and technology enable Earthwize to cost-effectively clean the storage tanks and maximize the tank’s capacity without contamination of the new product, thereby generating more turnover.

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Soil Remediation

EarthWize has more than 20 years experience in soil and ground water remediation around the globe. Our specialised technology and unique products have passed the Dutch, German and South African Standards. Combining our waste oil processing facility and specialised techniques, EarthWize is able to recover products that people would previously have written off. We believe in rehabilitating the earth by using nature to heal nature and our products eliminate the need for unnecessary dumping at landfill sites. With patented formulations EarthWize has the ability to rehabilitate the soil to its nature state in-situ, eliminating the exorbitant cost of transporting the problem from one are to another.

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Oil Pollution Control (OPC)

EarthWize objective in OPC, with a specific focus on Marine Oil Pollution, is to provide a solution in the form of an offshore pollution control company that delivers a world-class product that is cost-effective, offers a rapid response time and has cross-border capability, thereby minimising the impact of oil pollution for all involved.

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Oil Processing

Oily residues in the form of sludge from oil refineries and intermediate storage (‘oil seas‘ &’sludge lagoons’), as well as oil water mixtures from ships, discarded lubricant oils and emulsions or other waste water streams containing oil, need not be considered troubling waste. Instead, they should be utilized as a source of energy through our oil recovery process in one of our mobile or, larger permanent, processing plants.

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