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EarthWize Environmental Group specialised solutions for you and the planet. EarthWize Environmental Group was established in 2006 and has enjoyed rapid growth as an oil solution specialist, both in Southern Africa and across the globe. Our expertise incorporates state of the art environmental technology and specialised environmental products to provide an environmentally sound “cradle-to-grave” solution for potentially hazardous hydrocarbon materials.

EarthWize Environmental Group will be the global partner of choice in oil pollution control and environmental cleaning and remediation.

EarthWize Environmental Group will be an international force in the supply of proudly South African products that are environmentally friendly and superior to all competitors in the field of hydrocarbon material clean-ups, recovery and remediation.

We seek to establish partnerships that will clean up the environment and provide meaningful and rewarding opportunities for all involved.

To financially reward our partners by providing them with lucrative solutions through our innovative intellectual property.

To create a healthier environment for our children, whilst improving our own financial status.

Sludge recovery solutions

Tank cleaning

Soil remediation

Oil pollution control (OPC)

Oil processing

Grease/Fat trap management (GTM)

Ultra high pressure cleaning

Water treatment

Sludge pond land surveying

Petroleum product trading

Absorbent & Environmental remediation products

At EarthWize Environmental Group, we are committed to adding significant value to our partners, both locally and across the globe, in a variety of industries. We aim to achieve this through the continuous improvement and implementation of cutting-edge technology and world-best service practices. We strive to create a business environment that is underpinned by integrity and professionalism at every level. These values, together with an “uncompromising quality” policy, are communicated to our staff team through ongoing internal training & development.

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